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Fashion On A Budget: Best Wristwatches Under $100

You’re never fully dressed without a… wristwatch. The wristwatch is a timeless piece of jewelry (pun totally intended). Even though most people just pull out their phones to check the time these days, there’s something about a wristwatch that just ties an outfit – corporate or casual - together. Men’s wristwatches are notorious for being (sometimes ridiculously) expensive. Some cost as much as $500 a piece! Not a smart investment if your salary/allowance isn’t in 6 figures. Not to worry, though, because ShopWeez is here for you. At ShopWeez, we offer the most stylish of men’s fashion at the most affordable prices. If you’ve been worried about getting your wristwatch game popping without breaking the bank, stop worrying and keep reading! Here are some of the most affordable (but stylish) wristwatches we offer – all under a $100!

#1 Gofuly 1 – Men’s Bracelet Band Quartz Watch

    Who said bracelets are just for women? At only $5.34, this 19mm stainless steel quartz wristwatch is perfect for either formal or casual occasion. It comes in its own lined casing and a glass screen protects the analog watch face. It’s not waterproof though, so be sure to keep it out of the rain or occasion activities that involve a lot of water.

    #2 - LVPAI LP031

    Gladiators wore leather when going to battle to slay their opponents. Well, this piece is a perfect choice when going to “slay” in the boardroom or on a night out with the guys. The 26mm leather band comes in a variety of colors – black, brown, coffee and white. What’s great about this $7.18 piece is that it works for both genders, so you can get “his and hers” pieces for yourself and you're significant other without spending a whole lot of money

    #3 - YAZOLE MW304

    Available in black and white, this $18.90 piece is a perfect fit for a casual day out with friends. It has a shock and water resistant feature, so you can afford to get a little reckless, as these outings sometimes are. The 20mm wide leather band holds the round watch face just as stylishly as this piece will hold your outfit


    This rubber, waterproof wristwatch comes at a steal price of $22.68. Every fashionista needs this android piece which comes in a beautiful alloy casing. There’s also provision made to insert a SIM card, so the wristwatch can serve as your phone as well.

    #5 - NAVIFORCE 9056

    At $26.99, this leather wristwatch is perfect for casual outings as well as corporate events. The band comes in different colors and a Hardlex screen protects the watch face. It’s also perfect for the military man who loves to be stylish why doing his duties for his country.

    #6 - WINNER GMT886 – 1

    If you’re a fan of gears and spokes, then this piece is for you. The glass screen protecting the watch face allows the owner to see through to the turning gears of this mechanical wristwatch. This stainless analog wristwatch channels the vintage feel while still looking extremely modern and classy.

    #7 - NAVIFORCE NF9095BBY

    This piece has multiple special features such as a backlit light and a calendar – all for the giveaway price of $32.99! Classified as a “military sports” wristwatch, this is the perfect piece to wear when you’ve got to play golf at 5 and defend your country at 6.

    #8 - BAOGELA 1611

    Available in 3 colors, this piece is what you wear when going bowling or to a friendly soccer match with the guys. Water and shock resistance are only some qualities of this stainless steel $35.99 beauty. It also comes with an auto-date feature, just in case time travel finally becomes a thing!

    There you have it

    The most affordable, quality male wristwatches you can find on any marketing platform. How to thank us for this amazing expose? Shop at ShopWeez of course, just so we know your gratitude is real. Trust me, you’ll have the “time” of your life shopping with us.


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